Saturday, November 9, 2013

Karachi Dolphin Show

The first ever Dolphin Show is planned to be held in Karachi from January 1, 2014 at the Pakistan Maritime Museum at Karsaz. A pool has been specially made in the museum to accommodate the animals. Meanwhile, Environmentalists and Pakistan Animal Welfare Society have raised concerns over organization of such shows which they say is curelty on marine animals.

A visit to the facility shows a pool has been constructed which is about 85 metres long, 50 metres wide and has a depth of 15 metres. The pool water is being filtered round the clock.  A whale from Moscow recently arrived for the show is being looked after by three experts, a trainer, a vet and an expert on water engineering who kept a check on the pool condition. The adorable whale seemed to have a small injury on its beak and makes a lot of noise.

The pool contains tap water but that has been turned into marine one by adding different chemicals. Its temperature is also regulated according to the mammals’ needs and about Rs10m had been spent on the construction of the entire structure that included seating arrangements for 2,500 to 3,000 people.  It will be the first time that a dolphin show is being held in this part of the world though it is very common in Singapore, Dubai and United States.

The show is being organized in collaboration with a Dubai-based company, Dolphin and I.


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Personally, I'm so against the shows with animals. Most of reviews on will say that it is wrong to involve animals in such shows cause it is against their nature.


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