Tuesday, October 1, 2013

IVS Students come up with ideas for Sustainable Karachi

Students at Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture in Karachi presented four visionary models to promote sustainable living practices in the city. It took a group of undergraduate students a few months to come up with extremely innovative, exciting and workable ideas and designs that includes walkability and bicycling, streetscaping, green infrastructure (rooftop garden/farm) and a neighbourhood centre design.

The students came up with four models for sustainable Karachi that includes:

Walkability and Cycling at Hill Park
IVS Students designed routes, mobility hubs and street furniture in the Hill Park neighborhood to encourage increased walking and bicycling.

Sea View Community Center
Another group designed a multi-use ‘neighbourhood community centre’ in the Sea View area which looked at how re-imagining spaces could promote greater integration of communities.

Karachi Rooftops; the unforgotten spaces
The third group worked on ‘green infrastructure’ by designing a ‘rooftop farm/garden’ in a selected apartment complex in the Bath Island neighbourhood.

Zamzama Streetscape
The fourth group developed a comprehensive vision and supporting design to make the Zamzama shopping district a ‘traffic free’ and ‘pedestrian friendly’ space to promote an active street life.

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