Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Standard Chartered Breeze

Finally a happy news for Standard Chartered Customers that their bank is about to launch a new mobile banking service called "Breeze". Similar to MCB Mobile, the app could be dowloaded to your smart phone either Apple or Android and will be free.

With Breeze, you can manage your finances on the go. The best part about this app is its intuitive interface and powerful features such as:

 - View account, loans, investments and credit card details on the go
 - Pay your utility bills
 - Transfer funds within and outside Standard Chartered Bank to 1Link member banks
 - Add payee and send them money instantly
 - Pay any VISA or MasterCard in Pakistan
 - Top up your mobile phone and even book movie and airline tickets
 - Personalize your accounts with icons and nicknames
 - Add reminders
 - Make a donation
 - Buy insurance and receive remmitance instantly
 - Locate the nearest branch as well as ATM across Pakistan with Google location based maps.

Breeze app would work on all smart phone devices with iOS or Android v2.2 (and above) running on a 1-GHz processor. To get started with Breeze, you’ll need an account with Standard Chartered and have to register for Online Banking. Breeze uses the same username and password for Online Banking, so once you’ve got these, you’re all set.

 Breeze App is already launched in Singapore, Malaysia and India. Standard Chartered Pakistan hasn't announced any dates for its launch yet but they will announce its release soon.

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