Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Indian Products in Pakistani Supermarket Shelves

I was just roaming around shelves in Diamond supermarket in Garden East area of Karachi and come across several Indian brands on shelves from Dabur, Bajaj, Brittania, Parachute and several others - selling wide range of products from hair oils, energy nutrients to biscuits etc. Most of these products came from Middle Eastern ports to Karachi evident from writings on them in Arabic. Even i bought 2 packets of Brittania biscuits but all this made me wonder if products from Pakistan are also available in Indian markets.

We know that Indian government is not good with Pakistani products and impose several taxes on them upto 40% of its real sales price, eliminating the chance for Indians to buy them at such a higher price. Though Pakistan has more lax rules for Foreign brands but it really raises a question about protection in India for Foreign companies and if we should allow India gain our markets access, getting most favored nation status but also imposing several non-tariff barriers on the other hand and not allowing our products to compete in their local market.

Indian Economic Policy makers should adopt a policy of providing everything to their public at the most competitive price that also comes with quality instead of protecting their local brands, for the only reason that they are are local and made in India.

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