Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Google's Research on International Broadband Pricing Study: Pakistan Ranks Best in South Asia

Google has recently conducted a research on International Broadband Pricing. According to this study by Google, the cost of internet connections in South Asia are as follows:

 Bangladesh: $12.35 (12 GB cap) & $22.22 (30 GB cap)
 Pakistan: $13.36
 India: $13.39

 Bangladesh: N/A
 Pakistan: $16.02
 India: $13.39 (4 GB cap)

 Bangladesh: N/A
 Pakistan: $21.37
 India: $15.18 (10 GB cap)

 Bangladesh: N/A
 Pakistan: $53.44
 India: No connection mentioned for ADSL technology beyond 4mbps. Upto 100 mbps available on FTTH.

 The above prices for Pakistan are for PTCL. All Pakistani packages are uncapped (unlimited downloads/uploads).

At Google, we believe strongly in the power of data and the beauty of openness. Taken together, these two assets can provide remarkable solutions to complex problems.
 We decided to apply this joint approach to informing a data-driven analysis to provide insight into what policies can best be implemented in order to lower the cost of Internet access for users. We found existing datasets to be insufficient because they provided only summary statistics. So, we hired a respected consultancy, Communications Chambers, to produce an international dataset of retail broadband Internet connectivity prices. The result was an international dataset of 3,655 fixed and mobile broadband retail price observations, with fixed broadband pricing data for 93 countries and mobile broadband pricing data for 106 countries. The dataset can be used to make international comparisons and evaluate the efficacy of particular public policies—e.g., direct regulation and oversight of Internet peering and termination charges—on consumer prices.
 Today, we are releasing this dataset for reuse with attribution with the hope that it will be used for robust, independent analyses to offer recommendations for regulatory best practices in these areas.

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