Sunday, October 7, 2012

All New! Eat-a-Boo

Eat-a-Boo is a new state of the art restaurant cum play center for kids in Karachi to eat and get entertained. Owned by Faisal Qureshi (Ufone), the restaurant cum play center has 3D TVs, iPads, stuffed toys and so much more for scientific learning and fun.

 With entry fee of Rs 350 per head - redeemable when you dine - Eat-a-boo has brought a whole new concept in the city of Karachi that is new and certainly innovative.

Located on 6th Lane, Zamzama, next to the children's clothing shop Mushrooms and opposite to Butlers chocolate cafe, Eat-a-boo would surely make you revisit your childhood.

From the very entrance, you would feel like entering inside a wonderland with carefully designed interiors in kiddie style and kid sized furniture. Even they have lights in the shape of helicopter and windows in ship/submarine style, making kids truly mesmerize in the wonder world.

Their architecture is so much focused on kids that adults find it difficult to move upstairs in different rooms. They also offer free toy coupon at the end so your kid make a visit to them again. 

However i have serious reservations about their food which is pathetic, expensive and not up to the expectations. They should at least increase the quantity of the food if they really wants to offer their customers real value for their money.

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