Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cleaning Up Karachi - Doing My Part!

Keeping our city clean, green, safe and graffiti (wall chalking) free is a shared responsibility of everyone living in the city. To make an impact and difference CKARACHI is starting a new series "Cleaning Up Karachi - Doing my part!" a social marketing campaign to educate masses of this very important responsibility to wipe off graffiti (wall chalking) that ruining up our walls and footpaths in addition to litter.

The bojective of the program includes:
1. Cleaning up Litter
2. Wipe off graffiti
3. Planting new trees & grasses
4. Reusing & Recycling items inside our homes

As an individual you can help Karachi become clean and graffiti free in so many ways by getting involved with your friends, family, neighbors and university colleagues. To start with, you can challenge yourself for a 15 minutes walk, picking up litter and disposing it off from your neighborhood. You can also report large litter dumps and wall chalkings to KMC on their website complaint system in addition to making a comment under this blog so everyone can read it including authorities for audit purposes.

You can also protect vandalized walls from graffiti by planting trees that hide walls or try cleaning up wall yourself. You can also apply for KMC assistance for professional cleaning up services.

To make this program a success we are currently looking for help from schools, businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. To participate in this program you can email your request to marketing@mediaxpressideas.com

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