Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Ain't We Promoting Entertainment & Tourism Together

Tourism in Pakistan is stated as the "next big thing" by Lonely Planet but the industry is lacking marketing and innovation. On the other hand our Entertainment Industry is not finding any integration with Tourism Industry for bringing in new things.

Lately we have seen the rise in Entertainment Culture again in Pakistan which has become possible by only innovation. Masala TV is the lead here which has introduced Pakistan's first 24 hours food channel and several other gimmicks such as live chat, recipes on mobile, meeting of their chefs at different exhibitions and trade shows, making them the celebrities and of course they also put a positive mark on the City of Karachi not just across Pakistan but also overseas.

These celebrities endorsements has lead to successful businesses by Cafe Ginger, Meat One, Omore, Braun and several others. Creating demand for these brands in other parts of Pakistan and also at places where South Asian population resides in North America and Europe.

Music shows such as Coke Studio and Nescafe Basement are also very popular among the masses not only in Pakistan but also across South Asian population overseas. But as my title of the story suggests that we need to use this for creating a successful brand resonance ie. positioning and segmenting your brand with people, places, things and other brands for a powerful communication message.

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation should undertake partnership with these Entertainment giants and City Planners to realize our innovative tourism industry's potential.


  • Madame Tussauds, the world's famous Wax Museum to open at Port Grand
  • Giant Aquarium and Underwater world to open at Clifton Dolmen City
  • Coke Studio studios has moved from Korangi to Port Grand
  • Ski Karachi Coming Soon

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