Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cruise Ships can cover Shortage of Hotel Rooms in Karachi during Big Events

Though Karachi has some of the most luxurious hotels in the whole country including lavish Sheraton, Marriott, Avari, Ramada Plaza and Pearl Continental, but City Experts believe that Karachi may face huge Hotels Shortage if it plans to hold large events to attract global audience and to prove itself as a World Class City.

But this worry seems to be outdated as Mr Shiraz from Hashoo Group says Ships are a good way to end Karachi hotel woes. He believe that Karachi needs more budget hotels instead of luxurious hotels such as Hotel One to address the shortage and price wars between lower-end hotels in the city.

He says Hotel One by Hashoo Group is offering Franchises opportunity that is a good way for 3 star hotel owners to learn from experiences of Hashoo Group that is providing hospitality to Domestic and International tourists since decades and owning Pakistan's top 5 star hotels including Marriott and Pearl Continental in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Gwadar, Bhurban, Muzzaffarabad and Dubai.

Shiraz added that Cruise Ships can be docked close to Port Grand and can offer amusement facilities such as aqua pools in addition to Hotel Rooms to Karachi families closed to the city as majority of water parks and clubs are located at outskirts of main city.

"Cruise ships is a good way to address Karachi Hotel Rooms shortage" and "makes sense" he added.


Can you suggest one big large event which would be coming to Karachi any time soon, except maybe a Taliban convention or may be International Target Killers Covention, Bhata Mafia Annual Picnic or Drug cartels annual meeeting, other wise poor people of karachi have been totally bamboozeled by the take over of their city by the above elements, and would not even be able to dream of such luxury arrangements during current circumstances.

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Karachi is one of the most beautiful city in Pakistan and has many luxurious hotels, some of them are Marriott,Ramada Plaza and Pearl Continental. I had been there last year and I must say it is an eye catching place with beautiful treasures.

Karachi is one of the bigest city of Asia you must get shock after visit Karachi go and find cheap flights to pakistan i m sure you gonna loving it.

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