Monday, July 9, 2012

Karachi Dolphin Show

The international dolphin show with the cooperation of Pakistan Navy will be held for the citizens of Karachi in October this year. This year, this was stated by Commander Karachi, Pakistan Navy Rear Admiral Khawja Ghazanfar Hussain SI (M) and Mr. Mustafa Kamal of TBI.

 The Talent Broker International (TBI) with their international partners Utrish Dolphinarium Inc. are organizing Dolphin International Shows for the first time in Pakistan The official announcement of the launching of the dolphin shows and ground breaking ceremony of state-of-the-art swimming pool was made at the Maritime Museum Karsaz Karachi by Commander Karachi Pakistan Navy Rear Admiral, Chief Executive Officer of Utrish Dolphinarium Lev Mukhametov from Russia and Mr Mustafa Kamal of Talent Broker Intl. The 80 feet long and 50 feet wide swimming pool with a straight depth of 14 feet will be built conforming to international standards and requirement for dolphin show. Also, a big arena will be built with the seating capacity of around 4000 for the show.

 Commander Karachi Rear Admiral Ghazafar Hussain said that considering the situation that there are limited entertainment opportunities in the country and no international entertainment event has been held for the last few years due to security issues, this first ever series of dolphin shows would be a moment of joy and fun for the citizens.

 Mustafa Kamal CEO TBI said, this new form of entertainment to provide diversity from routine life will also be a great opportunity of learning obedience, grace, agility and softness of dolphins through their exciting performances in water for the people of every walk of life and to experience how dolphins communicate with humans. Dolphins’ live performance will thrill the audience through their amazing acrobatic ability, leaping high into the air performing bows and spins, dancing and rocket ride with the trainers and much more, he mentioned. Chief Executive Officer of Utrish Dolphinarium Lev Mukhametov said that a team of eight members of Utrish Dolphinarium Inc. comprising five performers, two handlers, and a doctor will be coming soon to Pakistan. They are bringing with them four bottlenose dolphins and two sea lions to conduct more than 160 shows in Karachi. Later, another team of 42 members of the company will arrive that will include performers, trainers, dolphin handlers and veterinary doctors.

 The first show of the series will be held in Karachi on October 1st at the Maritime Museum. There will be four shows on daily basis, equally divided between 2 shows for school children in the morning and 2 shows for the general public and families.


Anxiously waiting for this great event to happen. yeah!!! karachi :)

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hope they allow us meet and swim with dolphins .all of my family members are really looking forward to it .wish i could have my own marine park :P .
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Dolphins are made for freedom. You'll just see cetacean slaves captured from Russina Black Sea with highest violence and cruelty and obliged to make senseless tricks just for food and by fear. Let's remind dolphins are endowed with cultures, langages, self-consciousness and high sensitivity. They own the biggest and most complex brain among all existing animals, just after Human beings. Dolphins are suffering and dying young in captivity (rarely more than 15 or 20 years when they live until 60 y.o in the wild). They need to live among their families and friends, in their own real world : the ocean !

Cetaceans DO NOT BELONG in captivity !!
Taken away from their families, reduced to circus clowns, forced to perform in a concrete chlorinated prison filled with screaming people... Dolphins, Orcas, Beluga whales... It's similar to slavery ! It's a death sentence !

No More Whales And Dolphins In Captivity !!

FOOLS< Those animals that your watching have been taken from pods of DOlphins like the ones in Taiji the Dolphin Killing Coves, they endure great hardship and watch their entire socially integrated pod die out in a barbaric custom, these are the ones who will be torn from those that were killed and will be entertaining you..ALLAH KA AZAAB Tum SUBH Peh ho Ga agar iss turha ka behuda kaam kiya" They are mant to be in freedom and not to be in captivity...these are intelligent creatures who are scientifically proven to be given personhood. this is wrong and should be immediately stopped!

How would you feel if you watched your family murdered and then you are put in a small cell and force feed until you learned to stand on your head on command??? well this is what has happened to the dolphins that are in captivity!!!! Dolphins have a bigger brain than humans ie they are smarter than us. THEY BELONG WILD AND FREE SAY NO TO CAPTIVE DOLPHINS FOREVER.
If you want to see how the dolphins are caught and they family treated view on youtube
"The Cove"

I agree with Omar, Samuël, Yvon and millions of others around the world who understand that life in captivity is hell for dolphins.

Please find out more about the problem before you go to see these shows.

Would you enjoy a life free from hunger, danger and disease?
The only condition is that you live alone, inside a concrete box, eating stale food, until you die. Of course there is no entertainment; no books, music, TV or video, or companions, not even toys!
Maybe they will let you out into a larger noisy cell where you can jump up and down for screaming hordes of humans.

Does it sounds attractive?

Do you know...these are Russians who are bringing these animals here?..Russia is the only country in the world that has not opposed Bashar-Al-Assad's genocide of sunni muslims of Syria? USA, UK, FRANCE, GERMANY And literally the whole world has tried to stop the genocide and murder of more then 12,000 SUNINI women, men and children in SYRIA! and RUSSIA SUPPORTS THE KILLERS OF SUNNIS!..and here we are our own PAKISTAN NAVY ADMIRAL HUSSAIN promoting closer ties with those who have brought havoc and murdered our sunni brothers and sisters? wonderful, what kind of animals do you think exist in this country that would develop relations like that when we are looking at a genocide in Syria that is never ending?. KAUN SAH SUNNI HAI JO ISS TURHA APNAY BHAIYOU AUR BEHNOU KO MARNAY WALOU KAY SAATH ISS TARAH KEY SHOWS YEHA HUMARAY MASOUM LOGOU KO ITNAY BEWAKOUF BANANAY SAY PEHLAY TUM LOGOU KO PUTA HONA CHAHIA THA KAY HUM NAY BHEE APNAY WATAN TO LANA HAI WAPUS UNN LOUGA SAY JO BIKOU HAI!!>>>PAKISTAN KEY AWAM KO PATA HONA CHAHIA KAY HUMMARA APNAY LOAG HUMMARA SAATH DHOKA KUR RAHAY HAI>>KUON BASHAR AL ASSAD KAY SUPPORTER RUSE KAY SAATH MILL KAY HUMARAY SAATH ISS THURA KA BEHUDA MAZAAK KIYA TUM LOGOU NAY!>>YEH PAISAY ROUS KO SHABASHEE KEH MILANGAY KYA< KAY ACHA SUNNIOU KO MURWAYA AAPNAY TO AIYAY AB PAKISTAN SAY KAMA KAY HUM DAINGAY>>>HAINA MAZAY KEY BAATH TO JULDEE JULDEE TICKET PAY HAVEE HO GAOU SUBH THEEKAY?>>SUBH CHUMCHAY BUN GAO BASHAR AL ASSAD KAY DOST ROUSE KAY!>>HARAM UD DAHAR HO TUM SUBH LOAG>>LANAT TUM SABH PAY HO!

eagerly waiting for the show .........

This is awesome, Pakistanis feels very proud that we can also enjoy watching dolphins. Show is a must to attend to everyone, i will be attending this Dolphin Show.

SHAME ON YOU - this is cruel and barbaric. Those dolphins belong in the sea, not being starved and forced to do stupid tricks

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