Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The City School launches The Smart School with e-learning methodology

The City School has announced the launch of "The Smart School" - a School Franchise Project based on e-learning and holistic educational development for tomorrow’s generation bringing, not only, progressive entrepreneurs but also futuristic educationists on board.

 Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jehangir Firoz, COO, The City School said, “We take great pride in introducing our new school franchise - The Smart School - in Pakistan. With the launch of this new project, we aim to promote e-learning educational model in Pakistan at a macro level. The City School has built a positive name for itself over the years in the sphere of education by imparting quality education that equips students to meet the challenges of the modern world. We want the same level of competency and commitment to become the hallmark of our new project, “The Smart School.”

As Pakistan approaches the 2015 deadline for meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of achieving the “Education For All” (EFA) initiatives, it is important to up-scale the Government’s role and the need for help from private enterprise to significantly increase invest ment and resources in human development, is essential for alleviating educational inequity in Pakistan.

 The launch of The Smart School Franchise marks a giant leap for “The City School” towards the accomplishment of its Vision 2020 and in making a significant contribution towards meeting the important MDG goals for improving educational standards in Pakistan.

About The City School: 
 Established in 1978, The City School is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in South Asia. Striving to achieve and maintain the highest academic standards, our schools have become leaders in the field of educational development. We are committed to upholding traditional values while providing the knowledge and skills our students need to compete with the very best in the 21st century.


it is beyond doubt that it is good commencement in this connection. i would like to apply as a english teacher in the smart school. how is it possible ? please guide me . i have 6 year experience.thanks u can send mail me on

it is really really imperative that our new generation should learn the digi world .it has become fundamental requirement in order to meet today's world challenge.

Thumbs-up for such initiative


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