Thursday, May 10, 2012

Could Easy Paisa be Pakistan's PayPal?

Easy Paisa has already made wonders in Pakistan's money market, easing the mode of payment and providing mobile banking facilities to rural and urban customers.

Many businesses including ecommerce have already integrated Easy Paisa mode of payment on their websites, making payments more easy from thousands of easy paisa shops, franchises and mobile account.

Pakistani ecommerce industry can only thank Easy Paisa for its growth but the question arise is whats next, what more easy paisa can do to make its services more superior. I have come up with few suggestions for easy paisa that will make their services more good.

One of the drawbacks of Easy Paisa is the cash withdrawal charges that I see as a major hurdle for not depositing my money into the Easy Paisa mobile account, there should be no withdrawal charges as in banks or 2 withdrawals per month should be free of charge so that people can deposit more and more capital into their mobile accounts.

Purchase of Mobile vouchers and making payments to utility companies via bank online portal has tremendously increased, there should be an option of transferring money to Easy Paisa Account via Inter Bank Funds Transfer so one can deposit money into the account without hassle of going to the Telenor franchise. The company should also expand their foreign remittances operation by involving services from money gram or western union.

And lastly, Easy Paisa should do a partnership with PayPal as people here are anxiously waiting for PayPal so that they can make and accept global payments easily. Hence Easy Paisa should make efforts to bring this global giant to Pakistan.

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