Thursday, May 10, 2012

Agent Vinod banned in Pakistan

The screening of India's bollywood actor saif ali khan's production movie Agent Vinod is disapproved by the censor board in Pakistan, calling the movie as Anti State.

 The movie Agent Vinod reinforce stereotypes about Pakistan's spy agency ISI and its role in destabilizing India. The bollywood actor saif ali khan is playing a lead role in the movie as Agent Vinod, who works for India's notorious spy agency on a mission against Pakistan who at last succeeded.

 The movie shows that there are two Pakistan, one is good Pakistan who love Bollywood movies while the other one is Bad Pakistan who doesnt like India and hate them for doing atrocities in Kashmir that they plan to revenge India.

 But as other Bollywood movies, Agent Vinod at last succeeded in his mission and became India's national hero by defeating Pakistani ISI agents.

 The movie also features a Pakistani acress in a leading role.

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