Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet our SEO Team

We are writing this blog to pay tribute to our SEO team mates who are striving hard to make our blogs number one on different search engine directories. Our these Search Engine Freaks are not only experienced but quite crazy about IDEAS, INNOVATION AND NEW MEDIA. This bouncy blend of expertise and adaptability makes us explore every possible way to monetize our business online marketing strategy.

You can always rely on Arsalan for finding something useful and informative about new SEO strategies on our blogs. He keeps the content updated and makes sure it is always accurate by suggesting different meta tags and site title strategies. He has the power to build hundreds of links in just a day. With over 5years of experience in his field, he is our SEO team lead. See Profile

Xeeshan has been writing this blog for over 3 years now. He conceived NB Inc in late 2001 and led the team to see it come to life in early 2010. As the founder of this blog, Xeeshan has led teams of dedicated online experts that delivered results that the big agencies dream of. He combines traditional marketing techniques with those of Web 2.0 to make extraordinary online marketing campaigns. See Profile


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