Saturday, February 18, 2012

KESC Injustice

Several areas in the city of Karachi are facing brunch of loadshedding of more than 3 hours daily but some areas have been sparred from loadshedding menace. These include areas like Nazimabad and certain Gulshan blocks, military cantonments and several other places.

Kesc in one of their previous statements said that areas where they occur huge line losses face excessive loadshedding compared to areas where their line losses are less face few hours of loadshedding time. But it is the real unjustice for the citizens of the city where KESC Star consumers face excessive load shedding contrary to kesc explanation.

Many complain that this loadshedding in the city is pre planned as kesc has entered into a power lobby with leading generator, oil and power generation product companies.

Federal government in Islamabad is weaker and cannot reinforce its decisions on kesc through nepra. Just recently kesc was found involved in many mal-practices that include charging public for a service that doesnt produce a single MW of electricity and charging consumers extra by adding arrears in error in utility bills.

Until more power companies in the city are allowed, the city would continue to face brunch of loadshedding and companies like kesc will benefit from such perks.

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