Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Differentiate to Innovate the Future of the Mall

There are several shopping malls opening up in Karachi every month but only some of them are to able penetrate the market and gain popularity among visitors. These include Atrium Mall Saddar, Dolmen Mall Clifton and Port Grand which are buzz of the town and have successfully overtaken previous entertainment places like the Park towers, Area 51 and Arena. There are many malls such as the Emerald Mall Clifton which is striving really hard to attract visitors by marketing different kind of events but the success in Karachi only comes to those who really know how to differentiate.

Lets say Atrium Mall, which apart from having similar facilities such as large food area with renowned brands, has a 3D cinema and the gaming zone which distinguish the Atrium mall from other. Dolmen has its own strategy but the thing that differentiates it from others is the presence of huge Carrefour, the Hyper Star Mart.

Port Grand offers different value as it provides a unique atmosphere with harbor views but the thing which may have impact on its profits could be its entrance fee of Rs. 300/

Malls in Karachi may have to pursue innovative strategies if they want to make themselves a success and buzz of the town. They could even learn from Dubai model by creating different theme malls representing different nations or having a large Aquarium or Ice Skating rink. People here in Karachi have to travel to the hilly areas or Dubai just to enjoy ice.

Another thing they can do is building a large indoor water park inside the mall. Currently all Karachi water parks are very far from the city and one has to wait for a picnic program to have fun in the water. Karachi Malls can introduce this unique element which is currently followed by no other mall in the city to differentiate itself from others.

Today Karachi Malls are filled with all facilities that include famous brands, indoor kids arena, theatre, food court, bowling alley, event spaces, gaming zone and hypermarkets. The introduction of indoor water park would really distinguish your mall and could make it a talk of the town.

A large Underwater world cum Fish Aquarium inside Dolmen Mall, Clifton will make the mall more outclass.

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