Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cinnabon Landed in Karachi

Cinnabon, the American chain of baked goods kiosks has landed in Karachi by opening its first kiosk at Dolmen City Mall with another franchise due to open in a few weeks at the Atrium Mall. The company's signature item is a large cinnamon roll originates from Seattle USA.

Cinnabon chose Lahore as the location for its first franchise in Pakistan in 2010. At present, it has two outlets in Punjab’s capital. “We were planning to open one in Karachi for a few months but just had to work out all the details,” the CEO for Cinnaworld, Yasser Khawaja, told The MediaXpress. “It is just a great brand, its unique taste, in my opinion, is very well suited for our taste buds.”

But there were some mothers who were cautious about feeding their children ‘too much sugar’. “It is definitely very tasty but not something I would let my son have every day without fear of him developing a sugar problem,” mused guest Mrs Iftikhar.

On the menu, Cinnabon offers three flavours of its specialised rolls, classic smothered with cream-cheese icing, chocolate and pecan. Other items include mini-cinnamon rolls, lattes, cinnamon sticks and iced beverages (slushies). A single cinnamon roll costs between Rs250 and Rs310, depending on the flavour of your choice. A box of six costs Rs1,320. A mini roll is priced between Rs175 and Rs230 while a pack of nine will cost Rs1,510.


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