Monday, November 14, 2011

Foundation for Museum of Modern Art (FOMMA)

Many of you may have wondered that why there is no any Museum of Modern Arts in Karachi like the one we have in New York which is a major attraction for tourists and people who love arts. The museum displays vast art work by various artists taking an admirer to a whole new world.

Mr. Zulfiqar Lakhani, the co-owner of Lakson Group, the group which also owns CyberNet, McDonalds Pakistan and Express Media Group has setup Foundation for Museum of Modern Art (FOMMA) in Karachi which is an Independent Charitable Trust, registered as a Non- Profit Organization with a mission to setup a Museum of Modern Art in Pakistan.

Mr. Lakhani's personal interest in in the arts has encouraged him to re-vitalize Modern Arts in Pakistan. His contributions and involvement as Chairman of Fomma has seen this trust evolve from a dormant entity into an active and highly visible forum, raising several million rupees for the various exhibitions, workshops and publications.

The main focus of Fomma remains the promotion of the Arts and the setup of a Museum of Modern Art in Pakistan. It currently has a historic building in the Zamzama Park (DHA-5, Karachi), allocated to Fomma by DHA, which houses the Fomma- DHA Art Centre (FDAC). It has also been allocated two historic 19th century colonial buildings in Karachi - likely to be available around 2013 - on the periphery of the upcoming 110-acre Race Course Gardens (RCG). It has modest spaces for an Auditorium, a Projection Room, a Lecture Room, an Archival Room, an Art Library and offices. Currently it houses the Fomma Trust's Art History & Documentation Centre (AHDC).

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