Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dolmen Mall Tariq Road: Now a Free Wi-Fi Hotspot

Free wireless is everywhere these days – from hotels to the chain coffee stores. Now? It’s gotten monumental.

Dolmen Mall officials announced this afternoon that the Dolmen Mall now has more than 50 active hubs, which will help create a free wireless network on the Dolmen Mall. The estimated range of the network will cover all floor of the mall and establishes an even wider span of coverage for the Tariq Road wireless-reliant citizens and tourists. The new hotspots will extend the reach of “Free Wifi” to all visitors of the mall.

Increasing number of shopping malls in Karachi are thinking of installing the capability. "If you look at malls in general, you are really seeing owners bring in things that allow for more people to come do a variety of things at the center," Dolmen official said. "The mall has become more than a place to shop."

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