Saturday, October 29, 2011

Celebrity Worship Syndrome—Girls’ Frenzied Fanaticism for Celebrities

I have my personal dislikes for celebrities. Though, I admit that some of them are really hot looking and, I appreciate God’s creation. If they have talent, and they entertain us, they should be appreciated for this, because after all, it is the fans that make a celebrity a celebrity. However, I do not like the stupid, artificial lives of celebrities and the things they do to gain publicity. For instance, Britney Spears shaving her head; Katrina Kaif, being an example of extreme low self-esteem being featured in EVERY other advertisement, sportsmen and women posing nude, actresses going nude during their full pregnancy, selling each and every part of their bodies; drugs, dirty scandals, plastic surgery and what not? These people have fake personalities and fakeness is something I cannot stand. In fact, I hate the precise word “celebrity”, and I really don’t care if people hate me for this, because I am free to have my likes and dislikes. 
Even more than the celebrities themselves, I hate girls and guys going nuts after celebrities. For instance, I remember girls crying their hearts out when Hrithik Roshan got married, or when Aisam-ul-Haq got engaged.

Yesterday, I decided to go shopping with some of my friends. As we reached the mall, all the shops were closed because of Friday prayers. We had forgotten that, but since we were there already, we decided to have lunch at a local restaurant situated next to the mall. As I entered the restaurant with two of my girlfriends, we saw two very well-known singers sitting there, waiting for their meals. The next chain of events which took place in the restaurant exacerbated my agitation.
The two friends of mine jumped out of their skins! Over the next few minutes, I saw the two girls, and many others present in the restaurant having a sudden gush of adrenalin. The girls screamed their lungs out; one of them violently searched for her camera and desperation drove them to the celebrities’ table to get their pictures taken with them. Other girls who were present at the scene were even worse. Some shook hands with the singers, never wanting to leave their hands. Some of them got extraordinarily close to them, asking for their Autographs on their arms, whilst others stood there, waiting for their pictures to be taken with the singers, most of them hovering over the two men.
After my friends came back to have their meal with me, both got busy updating their Facebook statuses about meeting the internationally renowned singer, dying to upload their pictures on Facebook and tell the world. One of them asked me, “Why didn’t you go with us?” I told them I don’t like it to go head-over-heels when seeing a hot celebrity because to me, it depicts shallowness. I told them that getting a picture taken with a celebrity would not render importance to me as an individual. Why should I take someone else’s support to gain so-called ‘importance and privilege’?
Hearing this bewildered them and they hurled me with absurd questions like,
“How come you don’t like A.A? Aren’t you a girl?”
“Oh my God, don’t tell me, that you were not staring at B.K.”
“Your thoughts and views belong to the medieval period.”
“You have a huge ego and a stern attitude.”
With this, they whispered something in ears and laughed at me, leaving me with mixed emotions of disgust, fury and confusion. The very day, their Facebook pages, were bombarded with ‘likes’ and comments on the pictures, depicting admiration, surprise, excitement, envy, jealousy, and in my case, anger and agitation. I made the mistake by writing something negative about the entire frenzied celebrity worship episode, when all the commentators hurled spiteful remarks on my comment.
What I failed to make them understand is that, celebrities are human beings like us, why do girls have to act as if they had seen a real angel or someone God sent? On top of that, if someone has their reservations, snide comments are passed at such people. The worst thing is that, in case of the two singers, they were out to have food like other human beings. I find it really cheap to invade someone’s privacy just because they sang some songs and became famous in 60 seconds. My message to all such people is that, please get a life! Celebrities are human beings like us, and an obsession with them would never render you any importance in life, rather it would just lower your self-esteem and dignity by clinging to celebrities to gratify their obsessive-addictive disorder.


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