Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stabilizing Karachi

Karachi is Pakistan's financial capital and an important entry point for all supplies to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia and also Western China but ongoing violence in Karachi has killed over three hundred people last month alone said BBC.

"What Karachi needs is the certainty of rule of law, so that investors have confidence in setting up businesses" said Musharraf Zaidi a Pakistani Columnist to Council on Foreign Relations. He recommends a well-resourced and trained police force, which includes a robust intelligence infrastructure and an effective criminal justice system (Magistrate Courts).

Karachi presents all the tremendous opportunities that are available to Pakistan as a country with a huge population, a huge youth bulge, and a reasonable tradition of enterprising and innovative businessmen. Most of the innovation in the country in terms of the economy comes from Karachi. All of those opportunities need a conducive environment for Pakistan to shift out of its current phase out of instability.

The city of Karachi needs to find a way of making sure to people all across the globe that it's a place that's not just safe, but that nurtures highly skilled young people.

Karachi suffers because of Pakistan's reputation, and Pakistan's reputation suffers because of its leadership. The only thing International Community could do is to encourage Pakistan make Karachi a safer place so that global finance and international capital can move in and out of Karachi more freely than it does currently.

Read the complete article on Council on Foreign Relations website: http://www.cfr.org/pakistan/stabilizing-karachi/p25645

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