Monday, August 1, 2011

Iftar treats to suit every budget

As we head into the holy month of Ramadan, the hotel and restaurant industry expectations are high that the season will offer respite from the dry summer.

Restaurants and Hotels across the city of Karachi have been offering all sorts of value deals to bring more customers through their doors. Yet, while some restaurants are closing for renovations and rebranding, but the overall mood is still positive.

Across Karachi, fast food chains and leading hotels have ramped up their offerings, as they believe that their business would definitely go up this year as they've had more time to prepare for Ramadan.

With a lean summer and relatively stable business numbers to look forward to over Ramadan, hotels have had more time to prepare and market themselves. "We see this time as an opportunity to capture more market while other competitors are cutting services to make up the losses," added a Hotel Manager.

As we have seen over the summer, there are sweet deals aplenty. Iftar buffets, for example, are cheaper than they were last year. But better yet, at venues such as Ringoli at Arena and Lal Qila. Now there's an incentive worth heading out for.

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