Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SPAGO-The Ultimate Italian Experience

Spago (Italian word meaning string or spaghetti) is a recently opened modest little Italian restaurant ideally located at Khayban-e Seher , phase 5, Karachi. The chocolate coloured interior is illuminated by the warm lighting of trendy cylindrical ceiling lamps complimented with a beautiful collection of illustrations and paintings displayed in a very artistic layout on the walls. Upon entering there is an aroma of exotic olive oils & basil infusing a very distinct sense of Italian tradition.

Their appetizers include exquisite Bruschetta garlic bread with black olives & Basil tossed in olive oil, sprinkled with the perfect quantity of parmesan cheese as well as fresh crispy salads with exclusive Spago specials such as vegetable salad tangled with sun dried tomatoes & creamy dressing.

Moving on to the main courses they offer a wide variety ranging from pastas, pizzas, calzones, wraps, steaks, burgers & sandwiches. If you are a fan of pocket pizza’s then their calzones are a must try as they are oozing with different fillings of mozzarella cheese, white sauce, chicken. They also have classic Italian pastas and spaghetti in which I would highly recommend their Penne Alfredo Pollo Funghi, where the penne & mushrooms smothered with Alfredo sauce & Parmesan cheese will just melt in your mouth.
Spago also offers typical Italian nine inch hand tossed pizzas where their Chef’s special is with creamy white base with generous meat and chicken fillings. Their juicy burgers with dip and French fries will make your mouth water with specialties such as chicken burger with mint in creamy sauce. For the ultimate Spago experience one should indulge in their chicken parmesan which has chicken fillet golden fried in bread crumbs laced with creamy white sauce, drizzled with parmesan cheese. Basilico Chicken will also tantalize your taste buds with its chicken with basil splashed in mustard cream sauce.

May I suggest the sweet finishing touch, their Spago Fondue, which is a blend of fresh fruits drowned in ice cream and dribbled with cream which makes you want to devour it as a whole.

All in all the ambiance and food quality is excellent and definitely a must try. The prices are reasonable with generous quantities of food. For your convenience they also deliver food to your doorstep. Reservation is recommended as there is already a murmur in town for Spago being the next best place for souls who love to devour exotic food.


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