Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wordpress Optimized Hosting

Do you blog? If yes than how about having your blog with your own name '' instead of '' or '' with your desired email address (unlimited). Starting your own website using WordPress can be simple, fun and financially lucrative. WordPress offers a customizable blog format that can be used directly from the WordPress website, much like Blogger or Weblog,

When you operate a self-hosted WordPress blog, you have much more control over the look, feel and design of your blog. You’ll also have the option to add plugins and themes to create flexibility, functionality and the opportunity to earn money with your new website.
You would even get unlimited email addresses, for example,, etc of your choice.

Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Once you’ve chosen your domain name, you just need to order Wordpress Hosting Package from MediaXpress Ideas for just Rs. 125 per month, they will install wordpress on your website and would provide you access to dashboard username and password. You'll be able to customize your theme and website design by installing thousands of wordpress templates available on the internet for free and some at premium rates. You can even add Google AdSense or affiliate advertisements of your choice, install plugins which give you even more functionality and control over your blog, and start posting. If the purpose of your blog is to bring in a little extra cash, you’ll want to hone your focus and stay specific to a topic of your choice. Optimization of your blog for search engine traffic will be necessary right from the beginning.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

There are many, many tutorials online that give you a general overview, or in-depth look at how to optimize a blog for search engines. Mainly, you’ll want each post to focus on a specific topic, and you’ll want to include (but not overuse) specific keywords. Make your posts easily readable without including garbage. Part of the way to increase traffic to the new WordPress blog you’ve started is to offer great content, and avoid spam. There are also several useful plugins which will help you with semi-automated SEO. Using a plugin is as simple as installing it and tweaking a few things for setup.


Thousands of plugins are available to help customize your new website using WordPress. A majority of these are free. A plugin adds bits of code to your WordPress blog that change the way things operate to your advantage, and automates processes that would otherwise require you to understand HTML or PHP programming. If you want to add mailing list functionality, the option to share posts via social media sites, a way to automatically recognize spam comments, or an easy way to add affiliate links to your posts, a plugin is available. Simply do a search from the plugins page inside your WordPress dashboard and install the ones that interest you. Full documentation is usually available to guide you through setup and use of each one.

WordPress Themes

Wordpress themes may be considered the backbone of your blog. Like plugins, there are thousands of free and paid themes available. You’ll want to select one that gives you the look and feel that you desire and the ease of such things as inserting blocks of code for ads, images, logos and more. Themes are just as easy to install as plugins, and again usually come with easy-to-understand tutorials and information for use. You can find colorful themes, business themes or just about anything you might be looking for.

Making Money With a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

In addition to making sure your content is optimized properly for search engines, there are many other things you can do to make money with your wordpress blog. Joining affiliate programs such as those offered by Commission Junction, ConnectCommerce (Google), Amazon and others will allow you to earn commission when someone clicks from your blog and makes a purchase. Offer only relevant items and you’ll see more successful sales. Exchanging comments with other relevant bloggers will boost your search engine rankings and provide you with additional traffic. Include Google AdSense on each blog post, and other pages on your WordPress website, by using an AdSense or SEO plugin. Also, you may wish to sell advertising spots once your traffic has increased enough to make that worthwhile. Don’t forget to share your blog as well. Make sure you link to your new website from all your favorite social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and so on, so that people who follow you can find out what you’re up to next.

Just For Fun

Starting a website using WordPress can be fun. Whether or not you are looking to make money with your blog, you will find many opportunities for learning, interacting and sharing your knowledge. People love to read blog posts, especially those that are interesting. Inform people of exciting events, give your opinions on out-of-the-ordinary topics, offer tutorials or review products that you have personal experience with. Above all, have fun with your new website. Owning a WordPress blog can be exciting, rewarding and may even get you to internet celebrity status.


Worpress is one of the best platform for website and blog hosting. Nowadays, wordPress hosting services has been in high demanded in people for blogging application and website. Many person are using WordPress who wants to host their self blogs and static sites.

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