Monday, April 18, 2011

Watch Your Day In 2020

Have you ever imagine, how will be your day in 2020 with constantly evolving technologies changing your lifestyle. Based on the views of "futurologists, consumer technology experts and design gurus", the video suggests that Internet access "will be available through connected displays embedded in glasses" and the traditional method of television broadcast scheduling will be fully replaced by on-demand services.

This video is actually promotion ad of Glass Company Corning Incorporated. The last part is the bit that caught my eye that these people wakes up in 7 A.M morning, take breakfast and reach office at 7.20. No need to take bath. May be there might be pill that you need to take instead of bath.

The growth of PVRs and IPTV is picking up pace, and pretty soon the concept of scheduling is going to be irrelevant as people become more accustomed to time-shifting (and place-shifting), cutting out the crap and concentrating on the things they like, and not the things the networks want them to watch.


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