Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hamara Karachi Festival 2011

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan, and Hamara Karachi, present ‘Dekho Pakistan’- an interactive exhibition as part of the Hamara Karachi celebrations. The exhibition commemorates the reopening of Frere Hall, which has been an integral part of Karachi’s heritage and culture.

‘Dekho Pakistan’ includes:

  • Exciting installations and interactive games about Karachi and Pakistan.
  • A train installation representing the train journey from Lahore to Amritsar in 1947, where invite visitors who were present during the partition are invited to come and record their stories, and become part of CAP’s flagship Oral History Project.
  • A live storytelling corner where children and adults will be regaled by tales of old Karachi.
  • A photography exhibition of vintage photographs that present a unique perspective into the creation of Pakistan and Karachi in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
  • A Hall of Maps - unique collection of rare maps from pre and post-partition Pakistan.
  • Mera Karachi: An interactive, three-dimensional map of Karachi. Visitors will be able to share their thoughts on the city and add to the installation.
  • ‘Urdu zaban kiya hai?’ An embryonic collage that visitors will help create, about the history and evolution of Urdu.
  • Oral History Project Multimedia Section, which will allow for visitors to experience CAP's Oral History Project.

About CAP
The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) was founded in 2007 by ten board members, who came together to preserve and archive Pakistan’s history and source of identity.



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