Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zong Launches Android Handset for 15999 Hoah!!!

This news must be a hoah!!!! for all those people who are into Smart Phones that Zong is all set to launch the first fair priced Android handset version 2.2 in Pakistan for Rs 15,999.

The Android phones are no ordinary phones but have various applications built in them including Wi-Fi. The applications available in an Android Phone are unlimited, facilitating the consumers to always stay connected with social networking groups, configure multiple email accounts, get information about important places in nearby vicinity and download unlimited free application and games.

After Android you wouldn't need to buy a laptop as the latest survey reveals that more and more people are using smart phones to access internet than their desktop computers or laptops.

Expressing his views Salman Wassay, Director Marketing, Zong said, “Currently the Android handsets have been priced at a premium. With Zong’s fair priced handsets, we aim to bring the emerging technology within the reach of a greater number of consumers in order to let them experience the state-of-the-art technology at affordable rate.


528 mhz processor is not enough for a android device. So the phone will be quite slow.

It would only support Zong SIM

Nokia n8 no doubt a great phone with excellent features like Excellent camera, flash and divx support but slow lacks in RAM and processor speed.

yea.. N8 is much enhanced than this…
this offer really sux…
zong is always fail so far to attract customers..

funny thing is 100 $ means actually LESS THAN 10 , 000 around 8600 to be exact . why the hell is zong asking 15 000 for a carrier locked set ?

It must be running android 1.6 like x10 mini and pro.
They must launch a premium mobile with subsidized rates like IP 4.
Anyways a good initiative.

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