Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Twitter Users on Bigg Boss Premiere

ganant: 24 Shiv Sainiks held as they raid Bigg Boss, protesting presence of Pakistani model Veena Malik and actor Ali Saleem

HJ91 #fakingnews its is a plot of bigg boss to show mns and shivsena create havoc on their sets so as to create a truely 'reality' experience..

zuhair1188 Bal Thackeray threatens to stop BigBoss because there is a Pakistani contestant in it...who cares abt him anyway

hunny969 Yesterday's Bigg Boss ws awful...

sharukh74 Watching Bigg Boss surprised to see Veena Malik and that Guy of Begum Nawazish Ali fame......

IamB54 So shivsena is not happy with veena malik and begum ali in bigg boss . Why na ?

wakeupsmit BIGG BOSS 4 is having dacait, thieves and lawyers.. and veena malik.. is that a court room?

etribune  Veena Malik, Begum Nawazish make debut on Bigg Boss

iBollywood Bigg Boss 4 contestants: Abbas Kazmi, Sameer Soni, Seema Parihar, Shweta Tiwari, Ashmit Patel, Manoj Tiwary, Sara Khan, Veena Malik, Ali

joydeep1985 Hurray that Veena Malik is in Bigg Boss 4!!! But what the fuck is that Kazmi fellow doing there? Wants to get past the Kasab syndrome???

vajir: Veena Mallik is fundoo, I thnk Bigg Boss 4 wl rockkkkkkk BIGG time :)

ambreenhaider see! fat. can barely dance. has to be lollywood. oh dear harem pants. such fatitude! #veena malik #bigg boss 4 how many chins is that?

Faridoon_S Guys, any dope on Veena Malik? She must b the most intrsting character in Bigg Boss..the way she 'band bajaoed' Mohd Asif, she'd b a riot

Kaalakawa: After having seen the complete “Big Boss” premiere I can safely say that Veena Malik is the most charismatic character in there.

YusraSAskari: So does Ali Saleem’s make-up artist have to spend three months in the “Big Boss” house as well?

Bijli: Shiv Sena protests inclusion of Pak actors in “Bigg Boss”. Didn’t know Shiv Sena has started worrying about Pakistan’s image! 

Snehalwankhedel: The fourth season of “Bigg Boss” may have Salman Khan, but the final list of contestants has turned out to be quite dull.


My tweet on Twitter @zeeshanvalliani 5 mins more for the most awaited reality show bigg boss on colors

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