Sunday, October 10, 2010

Musharraf Clear Winner in Karachi Poll

The first comprehensive public opinion poll was conducted by ckarachi foundation last week has found that 92 per cent of Karachiites prefer President Musharraf over Zardari and want President Zardari to resign immediately.

The poll was conducted by ckarachi foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, through various internet platforms including Facebook and Blogger. 92% of those surveyed “expressed anger at the current state of affairs, desired change and were anti-Zardari government,” the foundation said. And one-tenth 7% “remained supportive of Zardari and were positive about the condition of the country.”

On Facebook, 105 people in total have participated in the poll, out of which 76 were in support of President Musharraf, only 5 supported President Zardari while remaining were either supporting MQM, Imran Khan or no one. Facebook results are gathered from number of likes, comments and poll application and has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.69 per cent.

On Blogger, 14 people in total have participated in the polls out of which 13 supported Musharraf and 1 Zardari. Hence they declare Musharraf as clear winner of the polls. Analysts through this poll have identified several worrying trends for Zardari’s party including corruption, economy and judiciary. They also believe that return of Musharraf will bring in problems for him from Bugti's family.


nothing surprising, i also support this men

Return of Musharraf is not going to be good for Pakistan because then all the problems pakistan faced during his tenure will rise again including bugti killings and several others

I have voted for Musharraf but if u have asked Musharraf or Imran Khan, then i would have supported Imran Khan

yes i and my friends support to mushraf

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