Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kenny Belaey Karachi tour

Kenny Belaey, the world champion in trial bike, has reached Pakistan in a bid to raise funds for the victims of the devastating floods in the country.

Belaey will raise funds for the flood victims by exhibiting his skills in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad until October 7 in special shows arranged by his sponsors, Red Bull.

His sponsors were able to organise his visit to Pakistan which has been shunned by international sportsmen and teams due to security reasons since last year. "I don't feel insecure coming to Pakistan, I saw the suffering and misery of the people left homeless by the floods and I felt I had to do something to raise money and shelter for these people," Belaey, a Belgian said.

Balaey comes to Pakistan after winning his fourth World champion title in September in Canada, his last one being in 2005. "I think other foreign athletes should also come to Pakistan and help raise funds for the flood victims plus I think Pakistan needs to host international events. "It is sad there is no international sporting event being held in Pakistan these days because of the security concerns.But since I have reached here I am feeling pretty comfortable and safe," he said.

Belaey said the never say die spirit of the Pakistani people had convinced him to come to Pakistan. "The Pakistani people have faced so many problems in the last few years but they are a brave lot and have not given up hope that inspired me to come here," he said.

He lamented that in countries like Pakistan and India which had a rich sporting culture adventure sports or mountain trial biking/cycling was not popular or widely followed. "Although given the zest for life and sense of adventurism people in these countries have I would think trial biking would come naturally to youngsters in these countries," he said.

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