Sunday, October 3, 2010


For how long you’ve been wanting a change? Say 60 years. Ignorance was there, then there was poverty, low literacy level, looming natural disasters, military coups, power wrestling between the white and khaki militia, then there was socialism, struggle between the centrists, leftists and the rightist. What has prevailed? Nothing, but disgraceful imprints of these happenings. Your ancestors have grown old anticipating that very Utopian change? They couldn’t do much but wait.

Even an employee who fails to deliver what is expected from him loses his job, because he is marked unfit by his employer. We have tried these illiterate politicians 3, 3 times a piece. Do we see any damns? Any remarkable institutions? Any center for excellence in socialistic sciences, information technology and humanism? Has there been any elation in the living standards of the common man? All these questions have the same answer, NO.

70 per cent of the Pakistani people live in rural areas and equaling number of them live below the poverty line. One a verge of economical bankruptcy, with no stringent taxation policy the upper class lives a tax free life whereas the middle and the lower class are burdened with heavy taxes and fines. Justice and equality was far out of sight before 2009. What a mockery it is when the chief justice himself had to go door to door to seek justice?

The more amusing fact about the prevailing democracy is that a very few number of legislators even have a credible Masters degree; most of them are “Angutha Chapps” (illiterate). They either are the feudal lords or the sycophants willing to break any rule of law to please their illiterate ruling elders. In return they get all the visible luxuries they can not afford out of the tax payer’s money. These very “Angutha Chapps” when elected to the highest rostrums of law making, fail miserably. One good example of it can be the rental power supply project.

What simple logic tells is that when there are no opportunities for the well deserving people and when the ruling class is highly ignorant of the issues of the common people. The hatred would increase and this would be a cogent reason for increasing extremism. If the definition of extremism shaped up a bit it is a compendium of immoderate and uncompromising polices that are born when the natural desires are subverted.

Change is imminent. This time it would be from the learned middle class who have for long kept silent. The change is destined to come and the count down of IMPACT WITHIN has begun.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. -Victor Frankl


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