Tuesday, October 26, 2010

eCommerce Marketing Plan

In my previous blog i've discussed eCommerce websites, i have said that it is very important to have an eCommerce marketing plan. In this blog i will take this dialogue further by focusing on eCommerce marketing strategy.

The industry of e-commerce is one of the fastest and most dynamically developing industries worldwide. In 2002 total volume of retail American e-commerce sales was fixed at $44 billion, one year later it increased to 56 billion and 6.3 trillion in 2005.

Now, we know that there are many eCommerce websites online earning huge revenues and there are some which fail! and the only reason for failure is the lack of having an eCommerce marketing strategy.

Your eCommerce marketing strategy should include Facebook, Google, TradeKey, Alibaba, Ebay, TCS, Print Media, Youtube, Blogger reviews, Newsletter, Call Center, Live Chat etc

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