Sunday, October 3, 2010

Delhi Common Wealth Games 2010

After years of preparations, national embarrassment and humiliation, Common Wealth Games opens in New Delhi, India with sparkling fireworks amid state corruption, security issues, improper facilities, tourist killings, monkey guards and outbreak of dengue fever.

Britain's Prince Charles is the guest of honor of the opening event which Indian media claims has overshadowed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Opening extravaganza is spiced with Bollywood music, traditional folk dancing and mind-boggling yoga moves.

In the weeks leading up to tonight's opening, a pedestrian bridge outside the main stadium collapsed, the athletes' village was labelled unlivable as many teams threatened to pull out. Meanwhile, India's Rediff website claims that 'Delhi Games Village is better than Beijing'.

The entertainment will then end with a Bollywood-style finale featuring a theme song created by Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman of Slumdog Millionaire-fame.


Watching the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

Watch Online Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony In Delhi Working

Please dont trust us Indians, the stadium may go down any moment now !,in the Commonwealth games opening ceremony.

I wished CBC Toronto wud stop with the ads ever 2mins during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

Commonwealth Games opening ceremony is happening in India, the 2nd Asian nation to do so after Malaysia back in 1998 !

Watching the commonwealth games opening ceremony, seen 3 boxers so far that I've beat in the past! Defo a gold medal for me if I was there!

Grand ceremony opens Delhi Games: A colourful opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games gets under way in Delhi

watching the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games...brilliant!!! :D Go India!

I'm watching the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games that are being held in Delhi. **slight wave of patriotism coming over me** :-)

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