Sunday, September 19, 2010

UNITED WE STAND [Pakistan Flood Appeal Charity Single] by Sabotage (featuring Various Artists)

This YouTube track features some of the biggest names from the UK's Asian Music Scene and releases worldwide; Sabotage, Raxstar, Da Poe, Kaution, Sam Khan, Rkz, Swami Baracus, Faze and Arjun and is produced by Zaheer.

The single is being released by Sabotage who is a multiple award winning British Pakistani lyricist/rapper from London. He came up with the idea of making a charity single to raise money to help with aid relief for the devastating floods in Pakistan. He then got in touch with a few other well known artists (names mentioned above) who all wanted to part of this project. Within the space of 10 days this single was written, produced, recorded and now will finally be released on Itunes, Amazon, Nokia on Tuesday 31st August and will only cost 79p to purchase with every penny going to the DEC Pakistan Flood Appeal so please do your bit and buy the single for the 20 million people currently living without food, aid or medicine in Pakistan.

Sab Uddin also known as Sabotage is a multiple award winning British-Pakistani lyricist/rapper from London. Still just 19 years old, he is already being labeled as "The UK's next Lowkey" and has firmly established his name on the underground scene as one of the best reality based, conscious lyricists and provides the industry with something that it desperately lacks and requires in terms of music with a message. His album has been featured and promoted by the internationally renowned ‘NME Music’ who are responsible for the annual “NME Music Awards” and have promoted some of today’s biggest artists.

You can buy this single for 79p from Apple i-tune store. Al Proceeds will go to the DEC Appeal


I like the line - politicians are lying and laughing

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