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Top 5 Shopping Malls

Karachi is consistently ranked as the world's most cheapest city for shopping by the leading magazines, newspapers and media outlets. So if your next vacation destination is Karachi and you are looking forward to shopping in the best malls here then here is a short guide of the 5 best shopping malls of Karachi:

Park Towers Mall:

Park Towers is the most popular of all shopping malls in Karachi. Located at Clifton, it has more than 1500 shops. The mall is pretty lavishing and also has mini restaurants and car showrooms. There is a giant McDonald branch and a KFC branch as well inside the mall so you don’t need to worry about dinning after you shop.

Dolmen Mall:

Located at Tariq Road, the busiest shopping street of the city, Dolmen mall offers more than 500 shops of branded and unbranded stuff. Some of the major brand outlets like Levi’s, Stonage and Dockers can be found here. Compared to Park Towers, Dolmen Mall attracts more shoppers because of its central location in the country. It also has two restaurants in it and a number of book stores such as Liberty and Paramount books. For serious shoppers, Dolmen Mall is the best mall to be at.

The Forum Mall:

Not as big as Dolmen Mall and Park Towers, The Forum Mall enjoys a one of the major locations of Karachi which is the center of Clifton road. Shoppers that usually go to the Forum Mall belong to the elite class of the city. The mall has a number of branded shops such as Lacoste, Levi’s, Dockers, Stonage, Cambridge and many others.

Millennium Mall:

Millennium Mall is not just for shoppers but also for people who are looking for some fun activities to engage in. it has a huge bowling arena, a kid’s fun land and a number of other restaurants including KFC. It is best for someone looking forward to shopping along with family fun.

Dolmen Center:

Located at Tariq Road, Dolmen Center is the older brother of Dolmen Mall. It was the first project of the company and after its success Dolmen Mall was built. Dolmen Center is not an extremely lavishing mall but it has quite a number of good shops. Most of the shops in Dolmen Center are for men and the stuff there is good.


Why Lavish Mall at Tariq Road isn't in the list, what's not present in that mall??? my shop is there :(

there is DOLMEN Haydari as well .. what abt that .. you missed it .. :)

there is also a PARI MALL in Hyderi as well

Top 5 can only have 5 malls guys and its only as per the writer's liking not a scientific thing...make ur own list on a blog and put pari mall and xyz mall in it :)

I love to see this article Lots of effort on it thanks for sharing God bless u
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which 1 is the most expensive mall?

atrium mall is the bestest in pakistan!! why it isnt in the list ?????

Dolmen Mall Clifton is now at the top. :P

This list is old (created in 2010), we are coming up with a new list soon. Cheers!

It was a great pleasure to know that in Karachi I could see a beautiful malls that they been proud off. I personally like all of them and hopefully I can visit this place soon. Thanks for sharing this with us.^_^

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Thanks for sharing. i really appreciate it that you shared with us such a informative post..
but i think Lavish mall should be included Watches in Pakistan

thanks for sharing the most famous mall of Karachi.hope to find more tips here related to online shopping in Pakistan and best online services in Pakistan
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Park towers does not have 1500 stores,this is a miss print,more like 75 outlets.

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