Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 14 Residential Areas of Karachi

Despite problems caused by the Tankers Mafia, Clifton is constantly rated as the top residential area in Karachi to live in. The reason: 1) It is of course located in the downtown area and is the only poshest neighborhood of karachi, 2) its proximity to II Chundrigar road and other business streets, 3) Presence of almost all kinds of institutions, businesses, retail chains, excellent health facilities, schools, parks, consulates etc. 4) Presence of the Beach.

2-KDA Scheme 1/ Muhammad Ali Society (MACHS)
Located near the City Center, MACHS is another best place to live in the city of Karachi. The presence of entertainment facilities like the Arena, Aga Khan University hospital, Expo Center, National Stadium, Large Parks & Lakes make this area perfect to live in. Its proximity to the Airport and Sharah-e-Faisal are another plus points.

3-Defence Housing Authority
DHA has the reputation of being the best planned and the expensive community in the whole of Pakistan. Almost all retail chains, restaurants, clubs are present in the area. Sea Views makes DHA Karachi unique versus other DHA's across Pakistan. Best places in the area include Golf Club, Creek Club, Area 51 and Carlton Hotel.

4-PECHS (Society Area)
Developed in 1960s during Ayub Khan tenure, PECHS is one of the best planned localities of Karachi. It gives the touch of being in the city of Islamabad with roads as wide as in Islamabad, its greenery and area architecture. Its close proximity to Central Karachi, Presence of the largest shopping district; the Tariq road; Parks such as Hill Park and the Jheel Park makes this area perfect to live in.

Bahadurabad is famous around the city for its shops such as Imtiaz, Naheed etc. People from all across the city as well as from DHA and Clifton especially come to this area to buy their daily groceries. Another thing that makes this locality very famous is the presence of the United King Bakery and restaurants such as Tooso etc. Majority of inhabitants in the area are from Delhi who had migrated from India during 1960s for better economic opportunities in Karachi.

The best part about lalazar is that this locality is built next to the II Chundrigar road, the busiest business street of Karachi and when you come to this area you feel like that you are miles away from the hustle bustle of Karachi while being in the Downtown area. Another best part is the presence of the China Creek next to it, this make this place ideal for people who wants to have bungalows with boating hooks facing the creek. Beach Luxury Hotel and Karachi Yacht Club are also present in the area.

7-Sindhi Muslim (SMCHS)
Sindhi-Muslim has now become the most popular eating-out area of Karachi. Its restaurants such as Royal, Roasters and many others including International chains such as KFC, Nandos are very famous. The area also houses the best school chain of Pakistan. Its residential side consist of large bungalows spread in lines. Its close proximity to the business districts of Karachi are another plus points.

8-Garden East (Community Area)
The area is called Garden because it surrounds Karachi Zoological Garden which is also popularly known as Gandhi Gardens. Majority of the residents in the area are from the Ismaili Community who are well-known for being the richest in Pakistan, others include memons, parsis and christians. The area is largely residential, with commercial shops on its fringes. Agha Gymkhana Club in the area is the most oldest and prestigious club of Pakistan built during the british times.

9-North Nazimabad
The locality is located in the Northern-suburbs of Karachi. The area is ranked as the most modern-planned town of Karachi, with blocks located alphabetically. It was planned and designed in late 50s by Carlo Scarpa & Aldo Rossi, the Italian planners and architects. The area has lowest crime rate in the city due to its unique location. Almost all major retail and restaurant chains are present in the area. Hyderi is now termed as the third most popular shopping district of Karachi.

10-Gulshan (Certain Blocks)
The name "Gulshan-e-Iqbal" means "the garden of Iqbal", referring to the national poet Allama Iqbal. The locality today is the most famous in Karachi as it houses almost every important institution of the city not present in Saddar. It houses the largest Amusement Park, Animal Kingdom, Universities, Civic Center, Corporate offices and much more.

Located in between New MA Jinnah Road and Kashmir Road, Muslimabad is another best place in Karachi to live in. It consist of several bungalows spread in Blocks. All the lanes are gated at the entrance. The streets in the area needs to be carpeted.

The area has around 2,500 residential flats divided into four main categories: A, B, C and D. Economically, it is considered one of the best places in Karachi to live for the middle and lower-middle classes, although most of the flats are rather dilapidated. All the shops are in Commercial Phase of Rabia City, which are equally divided into three phases, i.e., Commercial I, Commercial II and Commercial III. 

13-KDA Scheme 33
Karachi is expanding very rapidly. Scheme 33 is the best place to be in Karachi as it is located between Super Highway and University Road. Almost all important facilities including Schools and Hospitals are present in the area. Karachi University is just next to it.

14-Federal B Area/ Gulberg
If you drive through Federal-B-Area today, you may not be very impressed at first sight due to "Urban Decay". But the locality has seen its glory days. The best part about the locality is that it is one of the planned localities of the city and has the huge potential to improve.


my area is always on number#1 yay ;)

DHA is downgraded, it must be on number one or atleast 2

I also think DHA is downgraded

KDA Scheme Number 1 & 1/A Should have been number one.

Good blog post.

However, I have some disagreements.

The most notable is about the No. 2 slot:

KDA Scheme 1/ Muhammad Ali Society (MACHS)

Firstly, you forget to mention the KDA Officers society, the one on the elevated/hilly terrain behind the National Stadium. That place is like the hidden residential treasure terrain of Karachi.

Secondly, you have underrated Gulshan massively, and attributed some of Gulshan's heavy PLUS point to KDA/MACHS, like Aga Khan University hospital (blk 13 Gulshan), Expo Center (Blk 15-16 Gulshan), National Stadium (Blk 17 Gulshan).

Moreover the KDA Officers Society behind Natl Stadium which is one of the priciest and elitest localities is also essentially Blk 17 Gulshan. Gulshan also houses Askari-4!

karachi tou karachi hai yar , kabhi bhi bura nahi keh sakte

Why r u ignoring Lyari, wahhhhraai

i m not satisfied with this list because there is one of the most beautiful area in karachi called steel town it should be on the 1st number, dont u agree with me

this is different thing that admin is not visited there in his life ever

Cmon Guliostane Johar is the worst. FBA, N Nazimabad and Nazimabad are the best planned areas in karachi.

PECHS has been duly ranked! Good!

What about the area of Pakistan Steel Mills. Has anyone seen that area?

Yeah, absolutely I think the admin not even know about the name called steel town. It must be on #1.

mine too @:sabrina
block 7 in clifton!!!

what about my lovly place of orangi town,more ever why forgaten karsaz

Jamshed road is no one dear..

Assalamo alekum
What are the best Blocks of Gulshan-e-Iqbal???
Anyone know Block 1?
2 question: Why are there a lot of Target Killings in this neighborhood(Gulshan-e-Iqbal)?
Thanx Ahmed

I think North nazimabd is the area that is downgraded . It must be on the top of the list. It is the top ranked town in Whole pAKISTAN regarding the literacy rate. The crime rate is lowest in karachi. Having the best schools, university campuses, hospitals, parks, resurants, shopping malls, retail outlets etc. Norht nazimabad has the best supply of water that is the main issue of other areas ranked top in this list. electricity loadshedding is the lowest in this town in my Area there is zero hour load shedding from last 1 year. North nazimabad must be on # 1 dude not on # 09.

you guys forgot malir cantt , the most safe area in karachi.

When the last time we heard about MALIR CANTT. Atleast not mentioned on the list of 13 neighborhoods of Karachi. This is the main reason this is the most safest,pollution free ,crime free and clean filtered water 7 days a week and no traffic at all. Better regulated than DHA.

tum keemari ko kaisa bhool gaye mama


1- CLIFTON (All phase) (Sea view, parks, food chains) (Most expensive)
2- DHA (Just minus Defence view block) (Sea view, food chains) (Most expensive)
3- North Nazimabad (highly developed area, all foods chain, restaurants, Cleanness, Retailers, Markets and All the new International brands have launched from this Area, KFC, MCDONAL'S, HARDEES, MARX etc. (Some blocks are most expensive, Some are semi expensive)
4- PECHS (Kashmir road etc)
5- Bahudarabad (Tariq road etc)
6- Gulshan-e-Iqbal (Best for middle class)
7- KDA
8- F.B.AREA Aka Gulberg
9- Nazimabad-
10- Gulistan-e-Jouhar (Again middle class suited Area yet developed)
11- North Karachi (Shadman town, Buffer zone, 11-A-B-C) (Very Improved Area)

Kharadar is among the best places to live in Karachi, bakra hotel, majeed nafees restaurant, most peaceful area of old city

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I think North Nazimabad Area should be atleast on 6 or 8.It has campuses of all topranked private universities like IQRA,Dhahabhoy,PAF KIET,Preston.The private schools like Generation,Beaconhosue,Karachi Grammar,The city,The Dolmen Mall with food court,The Pari Mall,Madni Mall.The top brands like Ideas,Junaid Jamsheed,Ego,Portia,Thredz,The footwears like Stylo,Bata Aerosoft.The shopping stores like Marks,Chase up,Hyderi supermarket,The eating places like Pizza Hut,Burger King,Kaybees,Frozen Yougurt,Dilpasand,Hardees,Subway,Kfc,Lal Qila,Nandoos,The Largees,The Donisl,cool 90's,The courier services offices like fedex,Tcs,

KDA OFFICERS SOCEITY, off National Stadium is not in the list, which happens to be the tops.

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Gulistan e Jauhar should have been ranked 9, before N Nazimabad. The situation is that people are dying to get a property here, either on rent or purchase it. All major universities, amusement park, stadium, shopping mall, airport all just a couple of minutes drive away. For the past 2 years, a great number of people have moved to this town resuliting in a shortage of apartments for rent.

I totally agree with Humaira.
I have been a resident of block F since birth and its simply the best!
No water shortage. No power breakdowns. Quite expensive too.
My home is currently valued at aroun 20-23 crores.

i think N.nazimabad should be on 2 or 3 because its (highly developed n most expensive area)

Nothing is expensive its only forces like Army, Naval PAF and politicians who made areas to differentiate class by submitting black money in building society and brought today to earn cash by selling middle class. Whole Karachi is worth for us.

half of this countdown is true the other half is outright filler. I live in N.Nazimabad and it doesn't even deserve to be called livable. That image at #9 shows the clock tower, it fails to show the vast illegal settlement hidden behind the towering building where all stolen cars are taken to be dismantled, where armed robbers hide to escape the already lax police force (I speak from experience).

Most of N nazimabad even lacks modern amenities. There are more then 20 ISP's in Karachi and PTCL is the only ISP that provides (a very dismal) DSL service to that entire area. Wateen that was the last good ISP (unlimited download 1000 GB and their net speed was always what u paid for) in the area and it abandoned most of N. Nazimabad mid 2015. It is some kind of a grand joke that only areas that look like a proper city are DHA and Clifton. I would not be surprised if in the next 2 decades that area would be closed off to the rest of Karachi and would be declared the real karachi while the rest of karachi is hidden away from the eyes of the world as if it was shameful to the government.

I still believe that karachi can be repaired and upgraded if the entire cities like karachi, rawalpindi, lahore and Islamabad are given complete autonomy from the central government in matters of revenue (legitemate taxes not included) and given self administration under mayoral system that was in place before PPP removed it and threw karachi into an administrative chaos that it has not recovered from even to this day all for what ruling over a group of people who don't vote for ppp. I feel sad to think people still vote for these dinosaurs who want to return karachi to the feudal era.

After reading this it seems like the admin has never visited Karachi and doesn't know at all about how it is living areas in Karachi.
1=DHA is the most posh,safe,beautiful and lively city to live in Karachi.It has everything from restaurants,to clubs,to hotels,to malls,to the best school and collages,to best developing industries,to theater's,to hospitals,to clean and wide roads,to a beach and it has the best cafes not in whole of Karachi but in the whole Pakistan.
2=Clifton comes in the second place and it also provides a big range of facilities but it best advantage has to be that its next to Defence.
3=K.D.A is a very nice and posh place to live too.It has big and beautiful houses but it doesn't cross defence because D.H.A provides a lot of facilities than K.D.A as cafes and other stuff i've mentioned earlier.
These three are really expensive places to live in Karachi and also very safe.

N.Nazimabadh is Best place in karachi lively people live here...

It’s a delight to see a residential home that is so much a part of the fabric of the community.” Symphony Suites

Totes...your totally right

i am living in karachi since 1990 i love this city more than my own village

i wish that you could visit Pakistan Steel Town Ship. Before writing this blog.

The Admin ranked above places according to the living standards, community, quality, and class not because what you like or where you live.
Steel Town is best place but It don't have that standard similar to DHA, Clifton or Etc. They are high class places with higher Class community. You people like to assign grades to your areas because you live there doesn't make your area superb.

this helped me the best way possible

I am English and was born and raised in Karachi.we lived pechs block 6,and razi rd as well both were good areas,nice big houses good neighbours.some happy times from my childhood.i hope to return for a holiday someday as Karachi has changed so much id love to see it again ��

I think u live in nnazimabad but all of your info is true

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