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Top 10 Food Districts

Beach Avenue, is famous for its giant food outlets like Floating Ship, McDonalds, KFC, Dip shop, Sweet n Sour, Salt'n'Pepper, Kinara etc.

Zamzama, This is the place where the rich , famous and affluent like to hangout. Zamzama is home to the trendiest and hippest Cafes in town , where all the hip and young people of Karachi like to hang out in their designer attires and sip on the most best brews in town. At the same time Zamzama is also home to the more up end and exclusive dining places in the city , some of the most expensive restaurants in the country are found on this one boulevard.
For Cafes be sure to check out Ciao, Espresso , Aylanto, Chatterbox and offcourse the only chocolate café in town Butlers Chocolate Café ( the Irish chain). As far as restaurants go Copper Kettle, Arizona Grill and Roasters being the oldest restaurants on the street win hands down as far as popularity goes. For fine dining the most reputed places to head to are Fuchsia, Okra and Baan Thai. Other than the above mentioned Zamzama has a fair share major fast outlets scattered across it , the most notable being Pizza Hut , Dominos and Subway.

Boat Basin, is a mile-long strip of open-air street food/restaurants. Favorites tend to include Karachi Broast, Mr. Burger, Qasr-Al-Nakheel, Jans, Dera,Nihari Inn,Cafe Clifton,and Tandoori Hut. Boat Basin is where almost all of Karachi's late-partying citizens wind up, since food is often available here until 5:00 or 6:00AM, and some restaurants are open 24 hours. Most dining over here is open air , during winters this becomes the most popular hangout place in the city. Local style breakfast (such as halwa puri and anda paratha) is also served at Boat-Basin from 6 or 7AM onwards. Note that restaurants here will frequently only accept cash. It is a good idea to carry enough cash to tide you over (at most of these locations, Rs. 1000-2000 [US$20-35 approx.] per person will be more than sufficient). If you're not the experimenting type then theres always the fast food option. KFC , Pizza Hut , Mr Burger and Nandos can all be found here. The Chicken Makhni (Butter Chicken) with Garlic Naan at Tandoori Hut is by far the most popular dish on this mile long gastronomic delight.

Burns Road For authentic Karachi food this is the place to be. The best tasting Nihari, Sajji, Bottis and Tikkas can be found in this congested corner of Old Karachi. Burns Road is a part of Saddar the main business district of Karachi. Most of the restaurants here are built in really old pre independence era victorian style buildings which sort of gives you the feeling of being in a crowded part of Old Delhi. Hygienically this may not be the cleanest part of town , but if you are a big time foodie and you really want to taste REAL Karachi food then seriously this is the place to head to. If Hygiene is really an issue for you then the best option is to head to Food Center the biggest and prettiest building on the street. Places to head to here include Punjab Lassi house for the best Lassi in town , Food Center and Sabri Nihari. Other than these there are many more restaurants scattered througout this street. Restaurants accept only cash here. Price wise you can easily have food dessert and a glass of Lassi for less than Rs 300.

Khadda Market is mainly famous for its delicious "Paratha Rolls" that can be eaten with a various array of different meats eg Chicken, Beef and Kebab to name a few. With different fillings and yea that includes Cheese and Garlic Mayo also. For the best Paratha Rolls head to Hot and Spicy and Red Apple. One average Paratha Roll with out any fillings will cost you around Rs 80. The more fillings you add the more price increases this can go up to around Rs 130- 150 per roll. Other than the Paratha Rolls both of the above mentioned restaurants serve great Sandwiches and Burgers also. Other popular places in the area to head to are Chatkharay and Gazebo for "Chaat" , Indus Biryani for Biryani , Kay Bees for fast food. Mingcourt, Chopstix and China Ming for Chinese. Food aside Khadda market is home to the best Salons in the city for a designer snip head to Clippers and Pzazz.

Sindhi Muslim SMCHS The main food district in this area is basically built around one roundabout. Sindhi Muslim is home to the typical fast food joints like KFC, Nandos and Pizza Xperts. Places to check out over here are Kahva, Royal, Bundoo Khan and Hyders.

Shahbaz Commercial This place is slowly developing in to the new Zamzama. With Zamzama getting more and more congested new restaurateurs are looking towards Shahbaz to set up their new businesses . Trendy cafes and restaurants have started to spring up left right and center. Shahbaz like Zamzama is basically a rich mans playground where most of the restaurants and cafes clientele comprises of people from the rich and upper middle class of society. Notable places to check out are Studio Cafe for the best Sheesha in town theres a seperate floor for Sheesha, the one thing that's special about this place is that once you're done eating your food a professional photographer takes you down to the basement for a photo shoot and you get a CD that contains your pictures in it to keep as a memorabilia of your visit here. Then theres Kaps Cafe that is a flower shop cum coffee shop all in one. Secret Recipe is popular for its sumptous Cheesecakes and other desserts. Not to forget Espresso is by far hands down the most popular cafe in town , this place serves the best western styled breakfast in town. Espresso has two more outlets in town but this branch tends to be the most popular one in town. The newly opened The Diner seems to be doing pretty well it serves great continental food. Sawasdee is famous for its tangy hot and sour Thai food. Other than the above mentioned your fast options in this part of town include Pizza Hut and Subway.

26th Street and Tauheed Commericial Fine dining in Karachi has officially found a new home. Most of the finest art galleries in the city are found in this area , so it isnt uncommon to come across a restaurant that has an art gallery within in it or vice versa. Hence because of this , this area has unofficially been dubbed the "Artist district" of Karachi. The finest French restaurant in the city if not the country Cafe Flo is located here. An artist favorite is Cafe Koel. The Patio is another favourite that has an art gallery attached to it. Purple Haze a popular youngster hang out where they occasionally have a Karaoke night. Another youngster favourite hang out is The Hotspot. The Hotspot is known to serve the best desserts in town. From Banoffee Pie to Supersonic fudge sundaes you name it and they've got it. Infact you can also create your own Milkshake flavour over here like for eg Banana Caramel with White Chocolate (Toblerone).

Bahadurabad located off Tariq road is also famous for its restaurants like Tooso, Wimpy
s and Have More and ofcourse the United King bakery.

Hasan Square is famous for Sajji, Barbeque and various other Pakistani dishes. Located on University Road, Gulshan Iqbal


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