Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Music Museum" Do Karachi need One??!!

"Music museum." Two words that seem at odds with each other, especially when we consider the rock 'n' roll era. Its like Rowdy meets stuffy.

But there is a breed of museums that do justice to the transporting power of music - whether it's rock, or Stax soul, or mountain music. And they're doing it in an economic environment that can be difficult for cultural institutions of all stripes.

Concept of "Music Museum" is growing in the United States and more music museums are being planned, some of them virtually. In Boston, the Music Museum of New England, is a virtual-only project -- the Web site is the museum. It described itself as "a labor of love run by volunteers," and its founders hope that it will eventually have bricks-and-mortar visitor center and archives. It's a variation on "listener-powered radio".

Whether they're in the physical world or cyberspace, music museums face the challenge of making ends meet and making sure they matter in a time when shrinking wallets and shrinking attention spans have had an impact on cultural institutions of all kinds.

Ready to rock? Need one in Karachi?


nice post, nice views - Karachi really needs a music museum and it will all start virtually by someone

yes Karachi really needs a music museum!there has to be something about music in karachi

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