Thursday, July 15, 2010

Displaced People in Bangladesh; They Aren't Pakistanis!!

As an economist, I always speak for Free-Immigration but after studying the case of displaced people in Bangladesh often hyped as Pakistanis by some media outlets here which is wrong as these people are originally from Indian state of Bihar and had migrated to Bangladesh after the creation of Muslim state of East Pakistan in 1947 from Indian state of Bihar and other Indian areas.

I am surprised that why these people are dubbed as Pakistanis as they have nothing to do with the land of Pakistan nor they have ever been here nor their forefathers. If these people are allowed to come to Pakistan due to strong lobbying of "General Pakistan Repatriation committee", then this will only create huge economic burden on the country's resources.

These people are living in worst conditions near Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh and are numbered in between 250,000 and 300,000. The state of Bangladesh is providing them free electricity and water with the help of fundings from International donor organizations including UN and Pakistan. If these people are allowed to immigrate into Pakistan then they will only create huge slums and more lower HDI for Pakistan.

What Government of Pakistan needs to is to make clear announcement that these people will not be allowed to immigrate into Pakistan as they will be the burden on the country's economy. Government also need to return funds taken from their lobbyist and announce a major aid package for Bangladesh.


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