Saturday, June 26, 2010

Collecting cowries on the beach

I found this very nice blog on DAWN Website about seashells on Karachi’s shores - some jagged and gnarled, others smooth and shiny – and sun-kissed brilliance - by Sehar Ali.

My happiest childhood memories are of weekends at the beach in Karachi.

Pakistan was the another country in the 1970s –– a time when it was thinkable for two young women to pack a picnic basket and head for the beach for overnight stay.

The two women were my mother, Ghazala, and her best friend, Rehana, whom our family fondly knew as Kitten. Kitten Khala owned a flourishing garments export business which was able to afford her the luxury of renting a hut at Sandspit beach. This was our weekend getaway, and Karachi was safe enough a city in those days for a group of women and children to stay overnight at the beach.

Sometimes, Kitten Khala’s mother would also accompany us, and I have fond memories of Nano in her limp cotton sari hiked up to her ankles, its starched crispness turned soggy by the salty ocean breeze, collecting shells off the beach. It was she who introduced me to the cowrie, the most magical of seashells.

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Love to see Sehars blog here

Aaaahhhh those old days

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Karachi is still liberal. It was just not in the past

I disagree. Karachi was more liberal in 1960s and 70s then now!!! Women use to wore jeans, stay overnight, enjoy life etc. And now, they really cant think of staying overnight and at the beach camp....

come on, any women can still go and stay overnight at the beach. Who is stopping them?? If you mean that they can be abused or robbed then this has nothing to do with Karachi's liberalism

Karachi isn't as liberal as it was. and i mean it

Karachi is liberal!!!!!!!!! Do you have anything else to say to make me believe it

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