Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seven World Records

Seven World Records will be broken at a time at Safari Park (16th-24th May, 2010) that includes World's Largest Knife, Fork, Spoon, Newspaper, Cup & Saucer, Stove with daily live concert and daily lucky draw. An Event which has never been done in the History of Pakistan. Come and join us for the dignity of Our Pakistan. Tickets are available for PKR 50 only.


What a wastage of money and resources

Such activities are very health, it improves the image of the country and boost morale of the people

What image???? What healthy????? We don't have power, this few days activity is totally a wastage of money & resources. Why dont they do something that resolves the problems of the masses like investing in something which is productive

This is all fake.. I went to see that and its all fake.. The fork and spoon are made of hardwood and fiberglass.. The stove is not the biggest stove. Its a collection of small stoves lined together... It seemed like a kitchen of a big hotel.. Everything there was so fake... The newspaper wasn't even present there.. Liers..

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