Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moulin Rouge

Taking its name from a cabaret built in 1889 in Paris, Moulin Rouge is a stage musical that was adapted for the big screen by Hollywood in 1952 and 2001.

Starting April 22, Center Stage Productions, Shah Sharabeel and the students of Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture bring it on stage in Karachi. The ambitious joint venture, with total of 35 actors from various schools, colleges and universities of Karachi and 15 backstage members, is an ensemble production which has gone through days and nights of immense rehearsals. The performances will, as a first, include matinee shows.

“The play is by far one of the most ensemble productions that the audiences of Karachi have seen and it will be an audio visual experience,” said Waqas Bukhari while talking to The News during the rehearsal.

All the participants of the musical could be seen directed by Shah Sharabeel strictly and rehearsing again and again with the light and sounds being adjusted to do justice to the original film. The producer of the show was confident about a positive response from the crowd and believed that such English musicals if done properly have a bigger market in Karachi as compared to the contemporary Urdu theater. “We have spent a lot on the set, lights, sound and every aesthetic element of the play. The audience that usually comes to theater in Karachi is the elite class and they are aware of what Moulin Rouge is, so I am expecting quiet a healthy response,” Waqas added.

Moulin Rouge is a romantic musical based on a story of a young English poet named Christian who falls in love with the star of Moulin Rouge known as Satine and how their story unfolds with music and dance.

Directed by Shah Sharabeel and produced by Waqas Bukhari while the choreography is done by Breakhna Yousaf and Zarmeena Yousaf. Costume designing is done by Aamyre Tarique and the colourful sets are created by Khadija Akbar and Sahar Mullick.

Moulin Rouge Event Page


i attended the first show, it was the worst experience

lip syncing???? gone are those days.... Warid find better productions to sponsor

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