Friday, April 23, 2010


K'architecture, a coffee-table book featuring seven photo essays on Karachi and its architecture launched  at  Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. The book features photographs by Tapu Javeri, Arif Mahmood, Farah Mahbub, Izdeyar Setna, Farzad Bagheri, Fareena Chanda and Amean J. The book is a collaborated production of Black Olive Publication and the Institute of Architects of Pakistan, and it was edited and complied by Arshad Faruqui and Amean.

Mahbub's pictures focus on the colonial era buildings, Ameans on Quaid Mausoleum, Mahmood on Soldier Bazaar, Javeri pictures featured historic buildings from MA Jinnah Road, Kharadar, Jodia Bazaar, Burns Road and Khori Garden. Setna focused on the fading Parsi settlements in the city and Chanda photographed the present conditions of the buildings of Karachi that used to be magnificent, but are now dilapidated and reduced to storing trash. In contrast to the rest, Bagheri took a different approach by photographing the beautifully built modern houses designed and owned by the famous architects Najeeb Omar, Faruqui, Ezaj Ahed, Tariq Hasan and a host of other people.


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