Friday, March 19, 2010

Navroz 2010 - All about Navroz

  • Navroz is a persain word meaning 'New Day'.
  • It is Celebrated in various communities including Parsi, Iranians and Ismailies.
  • If we don’t follow various calendars that exist in this world and move with time and laws of nature, 21st March is the real New Year when sun leaves the two goldfishes of Pisces, the twelfth sign of zodiac and takes all its glory to enter into the very first zodiac sign, Aries. 
  • The  festival dates back to 3000 years where the King Jamshed of Iran called Astrologers and declared 21st March as occasion of Navroz which celebrates arrival of New Year and spring.
  • Jamshedi Navroze is one of the three main festive days in the Parsi Calendar. The others being Parsi New year in August and Khordad Saal, the birthday of Zarathustra.
  • Navroz is also one of the three main festive days in the Ismaili Calendar. The others being Imamat day in July and Salgirah, the birthday of Imam in December.
  • Navroze used to be a national holiday in India, but as the number of Parsi people decreased its no longer a national holiday.
  • Navroz signifies a time of spiritual renewal and physical rejuvenation, as well as the spirit of gratitude for blessings and an outlook of hope and optimism towards the future.
  • It is the National Festival of Iran and commemorates a centuries-old, agrarian custom that over time was integrated into various cultures and faith traditions.
  • Navroze is one of the oldest known festivals of the Parsis. Firdausi, in his Shah Namesh, Book of Kings, attributes its origin to the legendary King of Persia, Jamshed son of Tehmooraz of the Peshdadian dynasty in Iran. Persia was ruled by many dynasties, the last being the Zoroastrians.
  • In Surah Ya-Sin of the Holy Qur’an, Allah says: Let the once dead earth be a sign to them. We gave it life, and from it produced grain for their sustenance. We planted it with palm and the vine and watered it with gushing springs, so that men might feed on its fruit. It was not their hands that made all this. Should they not give thanks? — Surah 36, Verses 33–35

 Navroz is also a time of family gatherings and celebratory meals, thus strengthening family bonds and fraternal ties. Navroz Mubarak!


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