Monday, March 8, 2010

Illegal Car Parking by AAJ TV

One of the leading Urdu language news channels AAJ tv which call himself as a voice of the people. They criticize the government for not addressing the problems of the masses and raise issues when someone breaks the law.

But in reality their own headquarter building that is located on the main business recorder road breaks the law. They don’t have a parking space inside the building. Therefore their staff parks all their cars on the main business recorder road. But it is not just parking their cars on the sides of the road but their cars had illegally occupied more than 3/4th three-fourth of the road which is astonishing. This also results in huge Traffic jams on the main business recorder road. Government officials have turned a blind eye towards them, possibly because of their influence on the masses.

They had also blocked the Footpaths.

Posted by Sumair Abdullah
(cKarachi Citizen Journalism)


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