Sunday, February 7, 2010

Karachi Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is one of the westernize events that has been celebrated extraordinarily in all places of Karachi. Last year in February I visit many areas of city and found that all gifts shops are being decorated according to Valentine’s Day occasion, all shops highlighted with the color of love either pink or red and all kind of heart shape stuff like hearty bear, heart pillow and with greeting cards for Valentine’s Day. I saw many young boys and girls around shops wanted to buy the best valentine day gifts of their loved ones.

Valentine's Day at Park towers, Clifton, Karachi

I ask to those peoples who were buying gifts for valentine day WHY love for a day, the feedback receive from all was almost same: actually we can love every day but we can’t give gift every day so valentine day is the best to send a gift.

Valentines Day Concert in Karachi

I did visit many flowers Shops in Karachi on Valentine’s Day morning at Zamzama and seen shops full with Red Roses and many other baskets and Bouquet of local and imported flowers arrange in beautiful way and due to high demand, prices automatically higher up and almost 5th times than the normal day price. I ask one of renowned local flower shop owner of Karachi why prices are so high, he explain that due to high demand and low supply, he also said the government of agriculture should notice it and must have to make a plan at some level before valentine to increase the growth of roses in the month of January and February to maintain these supply and demand.

During visiting Flower shops I have notice that people buying for Single Red Rose to large Roses bunch, some try to do negotiate due to high price and some just buy at the said price. In the evening all most all roses sold out in most of shops and people who were left empty or with only few roses.

Karachi evening is already very famous but on 14 February its looks more fabulous, most of the restaurants of city decorated with Red colors specially the foreign restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds etc. While visiting KFC I observe many couples were present and enjoying the day, same situation in Pizza Hut but there were also small families due to just see a Valentines Day celebrations. Well it was great experience for me to view Valentine’s Day celebrations in Karachi and I really learn a lot and enjoy it.

Karachi Valentines Day Deals


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