Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do you support the idea of banning motorcycles/ motobikes in Karachi?

Motorbike accidents and motorbike injuries can be particularly severe due to the vulnerability of motorcycles when involved in a road traffic motorbike accident or collision. Unfortunately the personal injuries that motorbike riders can sustain when involved in a motorbike accident can be significant.

Useful Motorbike Accident Information
When an bike accident happens, the bike rider usually comes off worse. The metal cage surrounding occupants of a motor vehicle, multi-air bags and seat belts afford greater protection.
The most common type of head injury in is a closed head injury where upon impact there is a violent movement of the head which causes the brain to move around in the skull, causing damage upon impact together with stretching and squeezing the brain tissue and blood vessels.
Other common types of head injuries to bike riders are from shearing forces which involve a rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head (similar to whiplash injuries in a motor vehicle). However it appears that the most common type of injury to the bike rider is to the lower limbs. In a study in the USA the most common diagnoses of all motorcycle related emergency department visits were:
- fractures (27%)

- contusions (16.3%)

- sprains and strains (13.7%)

- open wounds (12.1%)

- superficial injuries (10.7%)

* On average there are about 600 bikers a year killed on (Karachi) roads citation needed and 7000 serious injuries.
* Head injuries are the main cause of death and serious injuries.
* A bike rider is 45 times more likely to be killed in a road accident than a car driver.

IN THE NEWS: KARACHI: Two teenage boys were crushed to death when a speeding passenger bus hit their motorcycle in Surjani Town on Wednesday. The accident took place when a passenger bus of route 4-K bearing registration number JA-2625 hit the victims’ motorcycle. Nadeem, 18, and Irfan, 13, sustained serious injuries and were taken to a hospital where they died.



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