Friday, January 8, 2010

What is happening in Karachi

The memory of the recent blast in the city on the Shiite religious procession is still on our minds and today we are getting the news of another explosion in a house in the poor pashtun suburbs of Baldia that killed 7. Police has later said that Suicide jackets, Klaishinkov etc were also found from the blast site that makes them think that the house was the Suicide factory and the people who were killed in the attack were suspected terrorists.

Another mystery is that who is responsible for these deadly attacks. Rumors were spreading on the streets of the city after the publication of london post which blames the State of Pakistan  MQM and US security firm Black water behind these attacks which is unlikely and more like a rubbish. VoA had claimed that Taliban were behind the Suicide attack but police later found that the attack was not the suicide one and was caused by IED.

But the one thing is clear, whoever these people were, there major aim was to create chaos and looting's in the city. I believe that arsonists (whoever they are) are behind these deadly attack, not just this one but also the one after Former PM Benazir Bhutto's assassination.


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